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$ 8.67

Own a RxSafe 1800? Want to let your customers and any unwanted visitors know that this extra safety and security is installed in your pharmacy? Post this static window cling on the inside of your pharmacy windows near all your entrances as a theft deterrent to thieves.

This 8"x8" window cling is printed on easy-to-read opaque material. Just peel off the backing and apply with a squeegee or credit card to the inside of a clean, dry glass window. Requires next to no maintenance – in fact, the self-leveling film adhesive vinyl makes it easy to remove your decals without smudges or streaks.

For indoor use ONLY. Made of of 8 ml adhesive-free static PVC film. This window decal is designed for use on flat glass. Not recommended for use on non-glass surfaces. 

With these four steps, you can easily install your window cling.

  1. CLEAN
    Make sure your surface is clear of any dust or particles.
  2. WET
    Cover the glass with a mix of warm water and dish liquid.
  3. APPLY
    Peel off your decal backing and place it on the glass. Make sure it's straight and level.
    Start from the center to smooth out liquid or bubbles.

To reposition your window cling, just peel it off the glass and follow the steps outlined above.

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