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$ 100.00

Would you like to fully customize your RapidPakRx pouch design? You might want to have a special marketing message, a custom bar code, or simply print a large symbol(s) on pouches for your low-vision patients. Our customer service specialists can help!

Here is how it works: Purchase the "Pouch Design: Custom", and you will receive an additional email with instructions for the next steps to customize your design.

Please look for this email titled "RxSafe Order: more information needed for your label order" after you checkout with this product.

See the product images at the left and below for examples of what can be customized. 

You may choose to modify any/all of the following items:

  • Time of Day Symbol
  • Dose Time of Day
  • Dose Day of Week
  • Dose Administration Date(s)
  • Patient Name
  • Product / Drug Name
  • Strength
  • Quantity: Rx #, Milligrams, Tabs
  • Quantity: 1.0, 2.0, etc. OR 30, 60, 180, etc.
  • Border
  • Expiration Date
  • Pouch Number xx/total
  • Pharmacy Logo
  • Pharmacy Address
  • Pharmacy Website
  • Warning
  • H1

If you have questions about how to design the perfect pouch for your pharmacy needs, please email We can walk you through your options.

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